Shelter seeks help with Elmer the dog’s pneumonia treatment

The Animal Friends Humane Society is in need of financial assistance to help with Elmer, who was found by the dog warden and brought into the shelter for safety.

On Sept. 23, it became clear that Elmer was not feeling well. Staff monitored him but found he had a temperature that was rising. He was taken to Care Center, where he was discovered to have pneumonia. The Care Center provided him with oxygen and additional care to get him better.

Elmer was returned to the shelter, after being able to breathe on his own and hold down food, said Nancy Patton, dog care coordinator at the Animal Friends Humane Society. He is receiving medication and breathing treatments at the facility.

Elmer’s vet bill is more than $4,000 and the Animal Friends Humane Society needs help to cover his stay. Elmer also will be needing a foster family to help while he recovers. Once he has recovered, he will be available for adoption.

Animal Friends Humane Society was established in 1952 and is Butler County’s largest and oldest nonprofit animal shelter.

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