Resident asks Council to stop drag show planned for Middletown Pride

Organizers say it is appropriate for all ages and not ‘a strip show’.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

MIDDLETOWN — A Middletown woman said she’s concerned what impact a drag show could have on children in the city.

Pamela Schafer spoke Tuesday night during the citizens comments portion of the City Council meeting. She learned about the drag show, scheduled for June 23 at Governors Square in downtown Middletown, on the Middletown Pride Facebook page, she told council members.

While Schafer said she has nothing against gay and transgendered people, but she doesn’t believe their believes and actions should be introduced to people under 18 years old.

“(These shows) are disrespectful to every father, mother, child in the city. I see Middletown escaping the moral compass of its residents,” said Schafer, who urged council to stop the public drag show. “That needs to be addressed and looked at. We have to push back against that indoctrination.”

She said those type of shows should be held in night clubs where children are not permitted.

Otherwise, she said, “some children may see what they shouldn’t be seeing. Innocence of children is not protected or respected.”

Mel Kutzera, a Middletown Pride committee member, said the drag show is “very different” than a nightclub performance and it’s appropriate for all ages. It’s not “a strip show,” she said.

She said she isn’t surprised that someone addressed council with concerns because “every year someone gets upset about something” during Pride month.

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