Police want to question Oxford woman’s caregiver after grandparent scam

One Oxford woman may have lost nearly $5,000 after falling victim to a scam, and now police want to question her caregiver.

The woman, a resident of the Knolls of Oxford, returned home from lunch July 6 with a friend to find a caregiver in her residence. The woman told police she was not suspicious, even though the caregiver usually comes earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

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While the caregiver was there, the woman received a phone call from a man claiming to be her grandson, a resident of Antioch, Tenn., who was due to visit her in the coming days.

The caller said he needed money because his car had broken down in Dayton and had been towed to a garage. He said he needed $4,800 to have the car repaired. He said he had left his wallet at home before driving to Dayton.

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The caregiver then offered to drive the woman to the bank to get the money in cash, which was placed into an envelope. The caregiver offered to deliver the money to the alleged grandson in Dayton, according to a police report.

The caregiver was seen getting into a truck with a man she said was her father while another man picked up her car.

A friend arrived later to take the victim to a hair appointment and when she heard the story about the phone call, she called police.

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The caregiver was identified and contacted by police. She was asked to come in for an interview with a detective.

As of the time of the report, that interview had not been conducted and no charges had been filed.