Police: TikTok challenge threat toward ‘MHS’ is not Monroe High School in Ohio

After information about a challenge on social media platform TikTok that encourages school violence, the Monroe Police Department issued a statement to clear local parents of concern.

“The Monroe Police Department is aware of the national TikTok challenge to make threats against schools, the MPD said in a statement Thursday night. “The students of the Monroe School District acted quickly in reporting the threats they believed were related to our schools. The Monroe Police Department began investigating the posts.

“The threats named ‘MHS’ as the targeted school. Our investigators found that this was referring to a school in another area of Ohio,” the MPD said in its statement.

“The Monroe Local Schools and the Monroe Police Department are working together to continue to provide a safe and secure learning environment for your children,” the MPD said.

This week, news has spread nationally of a particular “challenge” that youth maybe seeing or spreading on TikTok, dubbing today “National Shoot Up Your School Day.” The challenge encourages students to make threats of violence against their school.

As a result, some districts that have not yet closed for the holiday break have increased security.