Police: 2 arrested for Butler County ‘porch pirate’ thefts after glove left behind in popcorn tin


A report of the theft of packages from an Oxford porch in the area of East Vine Street and University Avenue brought police at Dec. 27 looking for two people dressed in black and carrying string backpacks. Two people matching that description were found in the 300 block of Bishop Avenue.

The officer recognized the pair as a 32-year-old man and 46-year-old woman.

A male walking toward the officer identified himself as a resident in the 300 block of East Sycamore Street and said he had found a package delivered to his residence ripped open. The package contained three protein shakes which had been delivered a short time earlier and were missing from the package. He said a roommate had also had a package delivered containing a calculator, which was missing from its package.

Police found a calculator in the man’s possession still in the original packaging and the woman was found to be in possession of three protein drinks.

The man allegedly admitted to the thefts.

An officer began a walking tour of the neighborhood and located a ripped-open package which had contained a tin of popcorn. The tin was mostly empty and the man was found in possession of a string backpack filled with popcorn. The tin did contain a glove which matched one he was wearing at the time.

The officer contacted the victim of the theft of the popcorn and advised him of the theft.

The man and woman were also found to be in possession of a Fossil wristwatch and three Chinese brand face masks. The owners of those items were not able to be located and the items were entered into property at the police department. The protein shakes and calculator were returned to the victims and the popcorn was disposed of.

They were charged with theft and the woman was found to have a warrant and was re-cited by the OPD. Both were released on their own recognizance.