Oxford juvenile cited for using fake $50 bill at Taco Bell

An Oxford juvenile was cited for forgery after telling police she knowingly used a fake $50 bill at a Taco Bell drive-thru.

Police were called to the Oxford Taco Bell on Lynn Street at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 23 on a report of someone attempting to use fake money.

An employee said two females had gone through the drive-thru and ordered a drink, paying for it with a $50 bill.

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When the employee began to verify the bill’s authenticity, the vehicle had left, but it had gone to the liquor store across the street.

The employee said he had another employee walked over and photographed the car’s license plate.

The car was identified as belonging to another woman, who was working at a nearby business. She told the officer the two juveniles in the car were friends who had borrowed the vehicle to run some errands.

The juveniles were located and questioned.

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One admitted borrowing the vehicle and going to Taco Bell in order to get a drink and pay for it with the fake $50 bill given to her by the other juvenile to receive real money in change. She said that while the employee was away from the window, the other juvenile told her to drive away.

She said she had gotten the $50 bill the previous evening when they sold an ounce of marijuana to someone from Middletown. She said she knew it was fake. She was then arrested and taken to the Oxford Police Department.

The juvenile was cited for forgery and released to her mother.

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