Owner of new business: ‘I love the vibe of downtown Hamilton’

A business offering crepes and beverages is expanding with a second Butler County location, this one in downtown Hamilton.

Smoochies Boba & Crepes opened Saturday at 113 Main St. in Hamilton, serving “smoochies,” fresh fruit smoothies made with an blend of real fruits and milk. The drink is served with a choice of added textures, including fruit jellies or “boba,” which is bubble tea served with tapioca pearls.

Tapioca pearls are gummy-like spheres made from starch and casava root, a plant native to South America. The drink originated in Taiwan in the 1980s when a tea stand added the “boba” to its frothy tea drinks to create imaginative, new beverages. Because the drinks had tapioca pearl “bubbles” at the top and bottom, the drink became known as “bubble tea.”

“It’s actually delicious and chewy,” said co-owner Nadja Mirpuri. “We have popping bobas, which is like a Gusher, so it has fruit juice inside.”

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Smoochies also serves fruit shakes, milk teas, fruit teas paired with sweet and savory crepes. Variations of the creamy-texture drink come in classic and island flavors and are made from corn, mangoes, avocado, coconut and other fruits.

“For now, since I am pressed for time, I’ll be doing the same menu, but in the long run I do have room for creating more variety of crepes,” Mirpuri said. The new business also will eventually add Filipino chicken wings, Filipino chorizo pizza and a chorizo burger.

The Hamilton location is the second Smoochies Boba & Crepes. Mirpuri and co-owner Dr. Susan Alcasid opened the eatery’s first location on the first floor of The Foundry at Liberty Center in 2017.

Mirpuri said she chose to open in Hamilton because of the opportunity to do business in the growing city and bring something new to it.

“I love the vibe of downtown Hamilton … the historic district of Main Street, the beautiful, 100-year-old buildings and we are fortunate enough to be leasing one of them,” she said.

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Mirpuri said despite the challenging economic conditions created by COVID-19, she believes Hamilton will see better times, especially once the former Champion Paper mill opens as Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill in December 2021 as the largest indoor sports complex in North America.

That site, she said will “once again bring jobs and pride to Hamiltonians and what a privilege for Smoochies to be part of rebuilding the city.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony with Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce officials is planned for 11 a.m. Friday.

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