Officials: No proof second person involved in alleged threat that closed Edgewood schools

Edgewood Schools closes its buildings on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, because of a reported threat.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 15-year-old student on Wednesday who allegedly threatened to “shoot up” Edgewood High School and prompted school closures, according to a report.

The teen was arrested at his home early Wednesday after officials received a report about someone sharing a threat to the school. A call came in to dispatch at around midnight that a freshman at the high school had threatened on social media to “shoot up Edgewood High School with a Glock and an AR,” the sheriff’s office said.

When deputies talked to the teen, he admitted to saying on Instagram that he and another student planned to shoot up the school and then kill him.

There were firearms in the student’s home but they were locked in a safe. The teen was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and is now at the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center.

Officials continued with school closures after that student was arrested because the alleged second person involved was not identified. Edgewood said by later morning that investigators determined there was no evidence of anyone else being involved.

Some middle school students were already on their way to school when the decision to close was made, so they were safely kept at the school under they could be connected with parents or guardians, the district said. The district held scheduled after-school activities on Wednesday.