New Liberty Center business offering alcohol-included slushies

A new business serving boozy slushies recently made its debut inside Liberty Center.

Located at 7547 Bales St. in Liberty Twp., The Frost Factory creates beverages using fresh fruit, and alcohol can be included for customers of age.

“I think the biggest thing about Liberty Center is people come early to enjoy the scenery, walk around and shop,” said Sammi Wendt, who recently launched the business with friend Jamie Robinson. “Sometimes they have to wait for their dinner reservations, so it’s nice that they can stop and grab something.”

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The business offers flights for those that want to try three different flavors and the option to layer two flavors in full-size drinks and 40-ounce “fishbowls” made with premium or house liquor. Buckets also are available so guests can take drinks home with them.

For those not seeking a frozen drink, Frost Factory also offers domestic and local craft beer, wine and non-frozen cocktails that include homemade simple syrup and sweet-and-sour..

“The variety is nice to hit different palates,” Wendt said.

The idea for the business formed early last year after Robinson returned from a vacation and raved about about frozen drinks she had purchased, all with layering and made with tequila and pre-made syrups, “so it was a little bit of a different concept” than the Frost Factory, Wendt said.

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“She was like ‘I loved it, it was so much fun. I would love to do something like this with you,‘” she said.

That’s what the two Liberty Twp. residents did, expanding options to tequila, bourbon, vodka, rum and various liqueurs. They also opted for alcohol-free options so families could include their children as they walk around Liberty Center’s Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area with their drinks.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

The Frost Factory even shook up its own “cooling off” concept by creating warm drinks including Campfire S’mores, Banana Cream Pie, Hazelnut Espresso White Russian and Creamy Coconut Hot Buttered Rum.

The business also taps heavily into Wendt being a health and wellness coach and a part-owner of area smoothie shops.

“It’s a very similar set up, just without alcohol and without machines,” she said. “We do it (there) with blenders and, obviously, on the healthier side.”

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The Frost Factory allows customers to bring in food from nearby restaurants because it does not offer food of its own and wants to promote the restaurants within Liberty Center, Wendt said.

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