New car wash planned for Hamilton shopping center

Ohio-based company set to add location to Crossings at Gunn Eden Shopping Center.

A Flying Ace Express Car Wash is a planned addition for the Crossings at Gunn Eden Shopping Center.

The car wash, to be located in the 700 block of NW Washington Boulevard, behind First Financial Bank and Applebee’s restaurant, will have an exterior covered with two colors of brick with some completely transparent windows, said city Planning Director Liz Hayden.

“Their model is they like to have it open so people can watch the cars being washed,” Hayden said.

The building met all the city’s design requirements except for one variance that was requested, to allow a sign that looks more like a mural of a biplane on the side of the building.

“It is technically a sign because there’s a small logo and mascot on it,” Hayden said. The city’s planning recommended the variance be granted, “given the size of the actual marketing that’s on the plane,” and the fact the image faces back from the building into the parking lot, Hayden said.

Company officials were not available to comment.

The property owner was listed as Duloc Hamilton LLC in Florence, Kentucky, while Flying Ace Express Car Wash has an address of Etna, Ohio, east of Columbus.

“I know a lot of people want a car wash in Hamilton, Ohio,” Vice Mayor Eric Pohlman said at a recent council meeting where the topic was discussed.

Hayden told council the company seemed ready to go with the project as soon as it received approval. That approval essentially was granted when nobody on the council questioned or objected to the car wash being located there or the sign on the building’s side.

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