7 things to know now: Comey to testify; Clinton’s return; March Madness brackets blown

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now:

1. Comey to testify: FBI Director James Comey will testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday morning as hearings into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election get underway in Washington. Comey is expected to be asked at the public hearing about any investigations of the new administration and about President Donald Trump's statement that his campaign was wiretapped. Also scheduled to testify is Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency.

2. Gorsuch hearings: Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee for the vacant Supreme Court seat, begins confirmation hearings Monday. Gorsuch, a judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, would fill the seat of Justice Antonin Scalia who died in February 2016. Gorsuch is likely to face several days of hearings.

3. Out of the Woods: Hillary Clinton told a group on Friday that she was "ready to come out of the woods," and return to the American political scene. Clinton joke about being spotted while taking walks in the woods around her New York home, and told people gathered at a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Scranton, Pa., "I'm like a lot of my friends right now; I have a hard time watching the news." Clinton urged those there to get involved in the political process. "I do not believe that we can let political divides harden into personal divides. And we can't just ignore or turn a cold shoulder to someone because they disagree with us politically," she said.

4. Breslin dies: Columnist and author Jimmy Breslin died Sunday in New York. Breslin, who first became famous for a column about the man who dug the grave for President John F. Kennedy, was 88. He spent his career in New York City, and won a Pulitzer Prize for his columns about the famous, the infamous and, in most cases, the everyday man.

5. Brackets blown: Millions of people across the country let out a groan at the same time Saturday, when their NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket was blown up as returning champion Villanova lost to Wisconsin. There were other upsets – Duke lost to South Carolina and Michigan defeated Louisville. There was a blown call that likely sent Northwestern home early. After it was all over, the field was cut down to the "Sweet 16." The tournament continues Thursday.

And one more

Spring arrived Monday morning at 6:28 a.m. E.T. with the vernal equinox – the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and heads toward the Tropic of Cancer. There's more daylight, and, according to forecaster, it will be a warm spring.

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