More details: Safecracking suspect held at gunpoint by Madison Twp. homeowner

Credit: File photo

Credit: File photo

MADISON TWP. — A suspect was held at gunpoint by a resident for several minutes Sunday morning after allegedly trying to break into a safe in the garage of a Madison Twp. residence.

The suspect was able to make a run for it before he and an accomplice, who was left in a running car at the crime scene, were caught by police on Trenton-Franklin Road.

Alexa Cantrell of Browns Run Road called 911 about 6:30 a.m., telling the dispatcher her husband was holding a man a gunpoint in their garage. The man had entered the garage that is attached to the house.

“He has got him down on the ground. He has got his gun pulled on him, he is telling him to stay still,” she told the dispatcher.

Bryan Cantrell, who has a CCW permit, held the man at gunpoint for about 5 minutes while his wife was talking with the dispatcher who said the deputies were coming from Hamilton. Middletown officers were then also dispatched.

A minute later, she said the man was running into a wooded area and would likely “come out on Trenton-Franklin Road.”

The Cantrells discovered the suspect was trying to break into a safe with a tool, and he left a vehicle running near the house. As Bryan Cantrell approached the car, a woman in the backseat popped up and she “zoomed off,” his wife said.

It appeared the woman picked up the running suspect, but officers were able to intercept them on Trenton-Franklin Road.

Raymond Earl Flack, 29, of Middletown was arrested and charged with burglary, safecracking, possessing criminal tools and criminal damaging. Flack served a previous prison sentence for burglary in August 2016.

Emily Abigail Bush, 29, also of Middletown, is charged with complicity to burglary, complicity to safecracking, complicity to possessing criminal tools and complicity to criminal damaging.

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