Mom of man killed in Fairfield hotel shooting says son was set up

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

A mother is speaking out after her 18-year-old son was shot and killed in Fairfield.

Kaaree Hipsher-Burton was shot and killed around 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning at the Holiday Inn Express on Fairfield Business Center Drive. Police said when they arrived they found his body in the second floor hallway.

According to a 911 call, a man claims Kaaree came to his door to try to rob him, and he shot him in self-defense. Kaaree’s mother, Miyah Hipsher is denying those claims.

“He was set up… It just sounds like a set up,” Miyah said.

She says Kaaree wouldn’t have a reason to rob anyone and the 911 caller’s description of what happened doesn’t add up.

“It’s just one of those situations, the 911 call didn’t add up to self-defense. Why would he go to your room? How did he get in your door? What made him come to that specific door?” Miyah said.

The shooting happened on the second floor of the hotel, but the man called 911 from the lobby.

“The man walked over a dying body, to go all the way downstairs to go all the way down to the lobby to call,” Miyah said.

His mother says Kaaree wouldn’t have a reason to rob anyone.

“He comes from a family that would give him anything,” she said.

Kaaree’s mother said he was working downtown until midnight the night he died.

“So, he’s coming to rob a person that they don’t know? It doesn’t even make sense,” Miyah said.

No arrests have been made. Fairfield police have released very little information regarding the investigation. Once the investigation is completed, Fairfield police will present the investigation to the Butler County prosecutor’s office for review.

Fairfield police are asking that anyone who has information regarding this investigation please call 513-829-8201.

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