Middletown woman charged in ex-husband’s murder testifies about abuse

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Woman describes how ex-husband allegedly choked her

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The Middletown woman charged with murder and felonious assault for allegedly killing her ex-husband testified Wednesday she doesn’t know why she never filed any police reports or told relatives about the alleged physical and verbal abuse she claimed to have received for years.

Dawn Shearer, 48, of Ellis Way, is charged with the murder of Anthony “Tony” Shearer at their Middletown home on Feb. 6.

She shot and killed her ex-husband in self defense because she thought he was going to grab a gun on a nearby table and “kill me,” she testified.

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That shooting ended years of abuse between the couple that lived together despite being divorced one year earlier, she told the jury.

When asked by defense attorney Jason Phillabaum why she moved back in with her ex-husband despite the abuse, she said she “loved” him and was afraid he may commit suicide because of his mental illness.

An emotional Dawn Shearer stood in front of Butler County Common Pleas Judge Jennifer McElfresh’s courtroom, and with the help of her attorney, demonstrated some of the physical abuse she allegedly suffered from Tony.

She said he sometimes choked her, and during one physical altercation on the bed — on the day of the shooting — she testified she passed out.

When she woke up, she walked out of the bedroom and into the living room.

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Jon Marshall, assistant Butler County Prosecutor, questioned why she didn’t leave the house out a door in the bedroom, then call police or run to neighbors, instead of confronting her ex-husband.

Earlier, she said Tony became “very irritated” when he realized she was leaving the house.

A licensed CCW holder, she grabbed Tony’s gun, held it with two hands, closed her eyes and fired, she said. Then she called 911.

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During cross examination, Dawn said she never filed domestic violence charges against her ex-husband during their 22-year relationship and never told her family about the alleged abuse.

That’s when Marshall told Shearer that without any collaboration, people are left with “your word and your word alone.”

The trial is expected to continue Thursday with defense witnesses.

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