Middletown teachers get Ohio’s first COVID-19 vaccine shots for school staffers

Middletown teachers this morning rolled up their sleeves to be the first among Ohio’s more than 91,000 K-12 instructors to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

The injections began at 10 a.m. at Middletown High School, and about 500 teachers from the city school system are expected to be inoculated by later this afternoon.

Other area school systems plan to begin their vaccine distribution later this week into next.

“I feel good about it,” said Middletown teacher Wes Brooks. “It’s nice to have the first round … I’m very appreciative. Hopefully this is a step in getting everybody back to normal.”

Jackie Phillips, health commissioner for Middletown, was at the school watching teachers receive the first of the two required injections to help protect them from the coronavirus.

“I have been working with Superintendent (Marlon Styles Jr.) for six weeks … knowing this day would come. We are just excited,” said Carter.

“Teachers are no different than my elderly population, healthcare workers. I want to get everybody vaccinated who wants to be vaccinated,” she said.

Private school employees in the Middletown area are planned to receive their vaccine injections next week, said Carter.

The 6,300-student Middletown Schools is one of the larger enrollments in the area and in past months the city has seen some of the sharpest spikes in the number of positive coronavirus cases in the region.

Asked about getting the injection and any side effects, Brooks said “I didn’t feel it all so it feels good.”

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Photographer Nick Graham contributed to this story

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