Middletown officer shooting: Officials detail pursuit, gunfire exchange that left 2 injured

A Middletown police officer hit by gunfire Monday afternoon following a chase from Middletown to Warren County has been released from the hospital, and the suspect remains hospitalized, according to officials.

Veteran Officer Dennis Jordan and a suspect, Christopher J. Hubbard, were shot shortly before 5 p.m. Monday after a pursuit that began in Butler County and ended in the 2600 block of Mason-Montgomery Road in Turtlecreek Twp.

Jordan was shot in the arm, finger and right leg and released form Atrium Medical Center less than 24 hours later.

Hubbard, 35, who was recently released from prison for a conviction for having weapons under disability, was shot multiple times and taken West Chester Hospital for treatment, according to Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones. He was then transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. On Tuesday, Hubbard remained hospitalized, according police.

Jones said multiple jurisdictions, including the sheriff’s office, Fairfield police and Ohio State Highway Patrol, chased the suspect in a black Saturn Ion “a long way” and tried to stop the vehicle using stop sticks. Speeds reached 40 to 60 mph, and the pursuit lasted about 20 minutes

“They used stops sticks after he got a little further out in the county, but he ran over them and he kept on going,” Jones said. “Then he ran up on these people’s yards ... we suspect, we don’t know, that he was going to try to get in their house.”

Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit said Hubbard is a person of interest in a homicide in that city, but there was not a warrant for his arrest on the charge of murder.

“There’s no warrant. This individual had a warrant for a probation violation. We did have information that he should be considered armed and dangerous ... we shared that information with all the units that were involved and we are thankful he is off the street,” Bucheit said.

He declined to say what homicide investigation Hubbard is connected to.

Bucheit said officials made Middletown police aware they had information that Hubbard was in Middletown.

“We were working with them to locate him (through) surveillance and to get him into custody safely. At some point in that surveillance, he did go mobile,” Bucheit said.

Jones said officials had information that Hubbard was armed and and that he was going to shoot police officers.

Jordan’s cruiser with K-9 officer Koda pulled up close to the wrecked suspect’s car, and bean bags were deployed to shoot out the windows, Jones said.

“They shot the bean bags to knock the windows out so the dog could go in the car, but the guy just leaned back in his seat and just started shooting, just random shooting,” Jones said.

Jones said once the suspect fired, five of his deputies returned fire, as did officials from other agencies.

The Ohio Bureau of Investigation has been called to investigate because there are multiple jurisdictions involved. The investigation will be turned over the the Warren Prosecutor’s Office for presentation to a grand jury.

For residents of a largely rural area of Warren County, the wrecked car and police with guns draw was a frightening scene.

Larry Carrier had just come home from work and let his dogs out when he saw a slow-moving police pursuit, about 20 mph with 20 or so police vehicles following. Carrier said he was curious and got into his car to see what was going on. He got up as far as he could go on North Mason-Montgomery Road, got out of his car and started taking some pictures.

“There was a barrage of gunfire, at least 30 shots,” Carrier said. “At that point I got frightened and jumped behind my car and started watching what was happening. After that I started taking a little bit of video.

“After the shooting, there was several officers (who) approached the vehicle and I see them drag one person across the yard. At that point, an officer told me to get back.”

Carrier said he was starting to get frightened because he never seen so many officers get out of their vehicles with guns drawn.

“I’ve seen it on TV but not in life and I hope I don’t see it again to be honest,” he said. “It was quite scary.”

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