Man killed in second fatal shooting in Hamilton this month

Hamilton police are continuing to investigate the shooting of a man early Saturday morning, the second fatal shooting in the city this month.

James M. Williams, 38, from Hamilton was reportedly shot in the 500 block of North Ninth Street at about 4:54 a.m. Multiple 911 calls were received reporting a victim had been shot in the chest, according to scanner traffic. Williams was transported to Fort Hamilton Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

On June 2, officers were called to the 700 block of Charlton about 12:15 a.m. and found Darrian Keneal Shamel had been shot. Shamel, 22, was transported to Fort Hamilton Hospital, where he died.

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Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit said the homicides are not related.

“ Individually, we believe both of the victims were targeted in these incidents and we are exploring the possible connection between their prior activities and the reason the were potentially targeted,” Bucheit said.

Three 911 calls were received by dispatchers about the Saturday shooting, with one male caller saying he was awakened by three or four shots.

“Somebody has been shot, barely breathing,” the caller said, adding a crowd had gathered around the injured man in the alley across from his house.

The man said people were trying to stop the bleeding and described the shooter as “all in black.” A crying female caller said a man had been shot in his chest and arm.

“He is not conscious, I think he is dead. Please get here,” the woman told dispatchers.

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From the June 2 incident, the Butler County Coroner’s Office said Shamel died of gunshot wounds and his death was ruled a homicide. A woman placed a 911 call stating an intruder had shot her son.

“Someone just barged in and shot my son,” the caller said. “I need an ambulance right away.”

When the dispatcher asked if he was conscious, the woman answered, “he is still breathing. He is gasping.”

As the dispatcher gathered information for police and paramedics en route, the mother said while crying, “Darrian? Ma’am he is gone. He’s gone.”

Dispatchers instructed Shamel’s girlfriend in CPR until help arrived.

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