Middletown to buy 9 new police vehicles


Middletown to buy 9 new police vehicles

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Middletown will spend $252,195 to purchase nine police vehicles. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

Middletown will spend $252,195 to purchase nine new police vehicles.

City purchasing agent Cindy Strayer recommended the city purchase eight patrol cruisers and one K-9 vehicle, according to a staff report. Council approved the purchase during its meeting this evening.

The city will be replacing four cruisers that have been totaled in accidents since the beginning of the year — including two 2015 Chevrolet Caprices, a 2013 Chevrolet Caprice and 2012 Chevrolet Caprice, according to Strayer.

Also being replaced are three 2011 and one 2009 Crown Victoria cruisers that have excessive miles and bad transmissions, according to the city.

The four Crown Victoria cruisers have met the city’s criteria for replacement, according to Strayer and will be sold through the GovDeals website.

Each cruiser will cost $27,944.

The city will also be purchasing a new K-9 vehicle at a cost of $27,643. The K-9 unit is an addition to the police department’s fleet.

Strayer said because these are newer generation vehicles, the city will not be able to upfit the vehicles using the equipment from the older cruisers as the city has done in the past. She said the cost to upfit all nine of these vehicles is estimated to be an additional $84,000. Funding for this purchase is available in both the 2017 requested police budget and the police depreciation fund.

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