Middletown Arts Center launches satellite exhibit with Butler Behavioral Health

The Middletown Arts Center (MAC), in collaboration with Butler Behavioral Health (BBH), will launch a satellite art exhibition that features the work of Bev Brewer Stolzenberger.

“Our mission is to create arts and cultural experiences where the influence of arts is felt and celebrated by the entire community,” said Kate Dykes, executive director of the Middletown Arts Center. “Showcasing the work of over 600 artists annually, many community members enjoy the exhibitions in our onsite galleries at the MAC, and upwards of 45,000 Middletown citizens and visitors view revolving satellite art exhibits at our Community Partner locations, spreading the joy of art far beyond the MAC’s four walls,”

She said the MAC has fostered a strong community outreach partnership with BBH for years, recognizing the therapeutic impact arts and culture can have on mental well-being. Many individuals receiving care through BBH are already participating in impactful cultural resources through the MAC’s growing Community Outreach Programs.

“Strengthening our relationship with the new satellite art exhibit represents an innovative approach to extend the benefits of artistic expression and cultural engagement to a wider, often underserved, audience. Located at the Middletown Counseling Center on Manchester Avenue, this installation will represent the ongoing commitment of the MAC and BBH to create equitable access to arts and culture experiences for all members of our community,” Dykes said.

This collaborative initiative is a significant step towards breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity, recognizing the therapeutic value of the arts in the healing process.

“We are thrilled to unveil this exhibit as a symbol of our continued partnership with Butler Behavioral Health, and Program Manager Kate McLain,” said Dykes. “Through this collaboration, we aim to use the universal language of art to provide a welcoming, inspiring and comforting space for our community members.”

Brewer Stolzenberger will be the first to exhibit her work at the satellite exhibition. She is a retired elementary school teacher who grew up in Middletown and graduated from Miami University.

“Bev’s work is especially appealing because her photography captures the intrinsic beauty of the natural world, offering a unique blend of artistic expression, and a deep connection to the outdoors. Through Bev’s lens, the beauty of nature becomes a source of serenity, an ideal display at the counseling center,” said Dykes.

Brewer Stolzenberger understands how beneficial the creative process can be. She initially began photography as a means to support her mother, Pat Brewer, with her watercolor paintings. Pat Brewer was a renowned watercolor artist in Middletown. Bev would capture places and moments in time that her mother would then transform into beautiful watercolor renditions.

“After her death in 2017, I wasn’t sure what my purpose for photographing might be,” said Brewer Stolzenberger. “I enrolled in photography classes at the Middletown Arts Center, and my interest in taking pictures returned.”

Brewer Stolzenberger said she has learned several important lessons on her photography journey.

“I will always be grateful for the insights and techniques I have learned from other artists. One of those lessons was to be true to one’s own self, one’s own inclinations, and one’s own interests and one’s own style,” she said.

Brewer Stolzenberger hopes that those visiting the exhibit will enjoy the calming natural objects she has captured, including birds, flowers, butterflies, and sunsets.

The satellite art exhibition will be held at the BBH Middletown Counseling Center at 1131 Manchester Ave. MAC is accepting proposals from local creatives for future exhibitions at BBH. For details, go to www.middletownartscenter.com. The satellite art exhibitions will be rotated every few months.

The MAC is an independent, non-profit institution. MAC has been dedicated to enriching Middletown and surrounding communities for over 65 years, providing exceptional educational opportunities for youth, adults, and families to participate in visual arts and arts experiences with over 15 free exhibitions annually.

The MAC exhibition season is supported by The Miriam G. Knoll Foundation and The Middletown Community Foundation. For more information about MAC and its programs, events, and exhibitions, visit middletownartscenter.com or call 513-424-2417.

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