Medical company moving over 300 employees from Warren County to Fairfield

Pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts will move all its 304 employees from its Warren County operations to Fairfield.

The move, which isn’t expected to be completed until the third quarter, will boost staffing at the company’s Fairfield location at 4865 Dixie Highway from 452 employees to 756 employees.

That will move the company to No. 7 on the city’s list of Top 10 employers.

As part of its strategic business practices, Express Scripts continually reviews its sites, according to Brian Henry, the company’s vice president of corporate communications.

“We regularly look for ways to strengthen our employee communities and build an infrastructure that meets the needs of a rapidly changing workforce in specific areas,” Henry said. “With that in mind, we are transforming our current operational footprint.

Founded in 1986, Express Scripts has more than 80 sites nationwide, he said.

“We make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable,” Henry said.

Express Scripts’ Fairfield location, which it owns, and its location at 8990 Duke Blvd. in Deerfield Twp., which it leases, are operating at about 50 percent capacity, he said, “therefore, we decided to consolidate the work that is done in both locations under one roof.”

Express Scripts has been at its Fairfield location since 1998 and its Deerfield Twp. location since 1997, Henry said.

News of the workforce growth was welcome by Fairfield officials.

“Express Scripts has been one of the largest employers in Fairfield for many years,” said Greg Kathman, the city’s development director. “We’re pleased that, after thorough review, company leadership has decided to reinvest and expand its operations here in our city.”

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