Mason’s principal, who leads Ohio’s largest high school, is stepping down

The leader of Ohio’s largest high school will be stepping down at the end of this school year.

On March 13, the Mason City Schools Board of Education approved the retirement of Mason High School Principal Dave Hyatt. Hyatt will officially retire on July 31.


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“I will be retiring at the the end of my school year from Ohio Public Schools. [My wife] Stephanie and I look forward to starting a new chapter in our life in sunny Vermont! It’s truly been rewarding to serve such a great staff and amazing students over the past 21 years. I thank you all,” Hyatt wrote in an email to high school staff last week.

Hyatt’s education career spans over 25 years. During his 22-year tenure in the Mason City School District, he served as a PE teacher, co-Athletic Director, Mason Middle School Assistant Principal, and MHS Assistant Principal.

“Dave is a strong leader whose wisdom and heart for doing what’s right has been a great asset for Mason,” said Dr. Gail Kist-Kline, Superintendent. “He and his incredibly talented wife, MMS Student Activities Director Stephanie Hyatt, will be sorely missed in this community.”

The Mason City School District recognizes that strong principals are a key ingredient for strong schools. This spring, the district will begin a rigorous selection process to hire an outstanding instructional leader for one of the best high schools in the nation.

“I so appreciate that Mr. Hyatt used his leadership to make sure that the people around him had the opportunity to be great,” said Jonathan Cooper, Deputy Superintendent. “As we look for the next great leader of Mason High School, we’ll be looking for a student-centered instructional leader who is excited to co-create the next iteration of MHS.”

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