Loud music, beer pong party lead to charges against Miami student

Loud music heard from several blocks away brought an officer to a residence in the 400 block of East Withrow Street at 2:12 p.m. Sept. 19. Approximately 20 to 25 people were gathered in a rear yard drinking and playing beer pong.

As the officer approached, the music was turned off and two people approached and identified themselves as residents of the house. They were asked for identification and one of them would not do so after several requests while the other was cooperative and provided identification. The first one finally said his was in the house and he would get it.

The officer told the cooperative one to break up the party while he verified the ID. He then returned to the rear yard. The one who had said he was going inside the house to get his ID was on the deck and was told two more times to produce identification. Thinking he would go into the house and not return, the officer then told him to come down off the deck and speak to him, but he refused and started to walk toward the house.

As he attempted to enter the house, the officer took hold of his arm and told him he was under arrest. The male struggled to resist being handcuffed but was eventually subdued. He was identified as a Miami student.

That student said he was diabetic and the officer called an ambulance to have him evaluated. Medics responded and took him to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. The officer followed and issued him a civil citation for noise restrictions and a summons for obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

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