Woman arrested for OVI after handing officer concert tickets when asked for ID

Credit: Submitted

Credit: Submitted

A 21-year-old woman was arrested and charged with OVI after she allegedly hit a parked car, according to an Oxford police report.

Officers on patrol at 1:51 a.m. May 31 saw a Honda Civic turn right off of South Main Street onto East High Street with a male on a bicycle following it while recording it. The vehicle was moving slowly and making a rubbing sound.

The vehicle parked and the female driver got out and walked around the front of the vehicle looking around at it.

When an officer approached, she acted as if nothing had happened but then someone informed the officers she had struck a parked car in the zero block of South Main. She was described as highly intoxicated, based on poor balance, slurred speech and the odor of alcohol on her breath. When asked for her driver’s license she attempted to hand the officer concert tickets.

The woman performed poorly on a series of field sobriety tests with various clues of intoxication. She was arrested for operating a vehicle intoxicated and at the police station did not respond to a request she take a breath test, causing the machine to time out.

She was cited for OVI, failure to stop after an accident on public roads and operation without being in reasonable control of the vehicle. She was taken to the Butler County Jail. During processing, she said she wanted to die and was going to slit her wrists when she got home and also said she was going to move to Mexico when she gets released.

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