When the sweet-faced kid may be the monster in the dark

Brock Turner does not have horns or fangs.

He's a sweet-faced kid from an all-American community who loves to cook.

The obvious apple of his parent's eyes relishes in a thick ribeye steak and had potential many would envy.

Those who love and support the former Oakwood and Stanford University swimmer believe in him despite the acts that landed his names in national headlines.
Of course they do. 

He’s the ideal man, far from the type we'd expect. 
Glance at his picture: does Brock Turner fit the stereotype of rapist?
Does he remind you of the neighbor boy down the road or the one who sleeps in the room down the hall? 
Who wouldn’t want to have a son like Brock?
His dad, Dan Turner, blamed "20 minutes of action" for the destruction of his life in a letter to Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky before his son was sentenced to 6 months in county jail, followed by three-months probation for assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated/unconscious person; penetration of an intoxicated person; and penetration of an unconscious person.
The judge said a longer prison stint would have “a severe impact on him,” with apparently little regard to the severe impact on the woman Brock sexually assaulted.
His childhood buddy Leslie Rasmussen of the Dayton band Good English blames political correctness, society and the university's drinking culture, but it was Brock who witnesses say they caught "aggressively thrusting his hips" into an unconscious, intoxicated woman behind a dumpster before running into the night like a real-life Mr. Hyde. 
Does that sound like something the kid you went to high school with would do?

Could that be something your kid would do?

Could that be your friend?
Rasmussen certainty doesn't think so. 
In her letter to the judge, she says Brock is not a monster. 

"Brock has been a peer of mine since elementary school, and was a very close friend of mine for a few years in high school. He dated one of my very good friends, Lydia (last named removed), around the same time. In those years, he was always very respectful of everyone. Teachers, classmates, friends, and girls, all alike. He is one of those people that no one has a problem with, and is pretty much good at everything. We all knew he'd swim in the Olympics one day. 

His family is a very respectable family in town. I also know his older sister, Caroline. They all seem like such good kids brought up by two very cool and grounded parents. In all honestly, if I had to choose one kid I graduated with to be in the position Brock is, it would have never been him. I could name off 5 others that I wouldn't be surprised about. Brock is such a sweetheart and a very smart kid. I never once caught him harassing anyone, verbally or physically. That would have been out of his character."

Do good boys from good families take advantage of helpless girls?

They do all the time.

The system ruled that the kid Rasmussen grew up with — that good friend and potential Olympian — did those monstrous things to an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. 
The five others that Rasmussen suspected were not on attack in the darkness. 
Somehow that was the boy from the good family with the welcoming smile.