What you’re saying: Should officers be forced to cover tattoos on duty?

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Police agencies are discussing tattoo policies while wearing uniforms.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Should law enforcement officers cover up tattoos while on duty?

That’s a question local agencies are facing as some debate changing policies that require officers to hide those tattoos while working. The Journal-News recently asked multiple officials for their thoughts on the issues.

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The issue brought dozens of comments from residents. Here’s a sampling:

A lot of military veterans make good cops, unfortunately many are unable to apply due to tattoos. — Seth Rockenfelder

I don't have any tattoos, but have no problem with a deputy, firefighter, paramedic, nurse, doctor.. etc...having them as long as they aren't vulgar. As for tattoos affecting professionalism? Nah- professionalism comes from your actions and behavior, not appearance. I have seen people dressed to the nines be the rudest, nastiest, most unprofessional person you could dream of, and have seen others who would definitely raise an eyebrow with their appearance demonstrate more respect, kindness, and professionalism than most other humans. — Cindy Phillips

Tattoos look dirty! I would never hire anyone with tattoos or facial piercings! I even,walk out of businesses when l find help especially in restaurants not worthy of my patronage. — Kurt Berhalter

No face or neck tats, but anywhere else, fine. — Mike Miller

Unless they're rude or vulgar, why the heck would it matter? What's on someone's skin absolutely does not affect how they do their job! — Kathy Asbach

How is this still an issue in 2019? As long as they aren't something super vulgar, what does it matter? — Anna Schoppenhorst

It's not the tattoo that determines the person. Who cares if it shows as long as it is not offensive to race or Religion.  — Sherry Johnson Grissom

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