Kings Island’s newest roller coaster Mystic Timbers opens to the public on Saturday. GREG LYNCH / STAFF

What first riders are saying about new coaster Mystic Timbers

Kat Jones-Shank, of Huber Heights, the regional representative for American Coaster Enthusiasts, rode wooden roller coaster Mystic Timbers in a Thursday preview and said it is “perfect” for Kings Island.

“It’s a great addition,” Jones-Shank said. “It’s got great air time and pacing, and it never slows down. I was so impressed by it.”

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Mystic Timbers becomes the 16th roller coaster at Kings Island and the park’s fourth made of wood. The addition means Kings Island has a combined total of 18,804 feet of wooden coaster track, the most at any amusement or theme park in the world.

The story-driven, fast-paced attraction themed to an abandoned lumber company boasts 16 airtime hills that wind through wooded terrain and over water along a 3,265-foot-long track at 53 mph.

At the end, the park answers the mystery of “What’s in the shed?” in four different variations.

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Danielle Maple, of Orlando, Fla., an American Coaster Enthusiasts member, said she rode Mystic Timbers six times Thursday morning.

“The air time is amazing, the story is great and, kind of anticipating what’s in the shed, it makes it very exciting,” she said. “One of the good things about it being brand new is it’s very smooth, unlike a lot of the older wooden roller coasters.”

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Mystic Timbers was designed and built by Pennsylvania-based Great Coasters International, Inc., which also created three other popular wooden roller coasters in Cedar Fair Entertainment Company parks in California, Minnesota and Missouri.

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