WATCH: Aerial video shows Kings Island’s newest roller coaster taking shape

Construction has begun on both the foundation and the steel track for a new roller coaster that is coming to Kings Island.

Video from our news partner WCPO-TV shows the work underway on the new project, which is on the north side of The Racer, where Firehawk and Dinosaurs Alive used to stand.

According to blueprints filed in May with the city of Mason, Ohio, it appears to be what's known as a giga coaster — a coaster taller than 300 feet.

For reference, Diamondback, the park's tallest coaster, is just over 200 feet tall.

Video taken from just outside the park's boundaries shows that drilling rigs have been burrowing holes for the ride's piers.

At the same time, Kings Island co-founder and international theme park consultant Dennis Speigel said track is already being constructed.

"There's already steel out in Batavia for this. I know so," he told WCPO.

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