Mom, 2 kids escape injury after semi crashes into house; ‘It was just the hand of God’

A mother and her two children are OK after a semi crashed through their Rockford home this morning, leaving the home severely damage.

PHOTOS: Mom, kids escape injury after semi crashes into home

“It was just the hand of God protecting all of us,” said Raeh Harrod.  “The 5-year-old just walked out of the master bedroom to grab a book and next thing we know the semi is inside where I was standing.”

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Deputies and firefighters responded to the house near the intersection of U.S. 127 and Ohio 707 around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Firefighters said no one was injured in the crash, including the driver of the semi.

Harrod said she was getting her two daughters ready to leave for the day, when the crash happened.

“I was yelling for my girls and digging through all the rubble on my bed looking for my 2-year-old who was just lying there,” Harrod said.

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The 2-year-old girl was yelling for her mom and found inside the master bedroom closet.

“She had to have been clipped just right to land in the closet,” she said.

Harrod said aside from a few bumps and bruises everyone was OK, but it was a discovery after she was able to get out of the house to safety that reminded her that God was looking over her family.

“When we got everybody out and we turned around and looked, my husband’s Bible was laying on the bed that had moved clear across the room, and the Bible wasn’t touched,” Harrod said.

Firefighters and deputies are still working to determine how the semi driver managed to lose control and crash into the home.  The driver was able to climb out of his cab’s window to safety.

Harrod said the family is unable to stay at their home, which they’ve lived in for 10 years.  They will be staying with family and friends until repairs can be made, she said.

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