Pro-life billboard vandalized in Middletown

A pro-life billboard on University Boulevard in Middletown was vandalized sometime Tuesday night, said John Williams, who paid for the billboard and three others in the city.

Williams filed a police report with the Middletown Division of Police and said the value of the billboard is between $500 to $1,000.

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The top of the billboard read: “They Shall Not Kill” and the lower half featured hands holding a baby. The lower part of the billboard was ripped off, said Williams, 43, of Middletown.

The other three billboards in the city, all featuring Christian messages, have not been vandalized, he said.

Williams said he was “thankful” the pro-life billboard was destroyed because that showed the vandals were “under heavy conviction” and the billboard was “doing its work in the community.”

Williams said the billboard will be replaced, but “you can’t put a dollar sign on somebody’s soul.”

The message of the billboard, according to Williams: “Baby lives matter.”

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