Pit bull killed after attack

And Eric Sorrell, the owner of the attacked dog, said Ace is “fighting for his life.”

“The dog was mad,” he said of the pit bull.

Around 6:30 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 2000 block of Lowell Street for a report of a dog attacking another dog.

Sorrell said he was going to let his dog outside, but before he could chain it up it ran off, which he believes his dog was chasing a squirrel. A few minutes later he heard his dog on the front porch with a pit bull attached to its throat. He believes his dog was attacked in a neighbor’s yard — according to reports he’s heard — and drug the brown and white pit bull to the front porch.

“Everybody in the neighborhood came running (to help),” Sorrell said.

During the attack, Sorrell said his dog was biting at the pit bull’s face.

“He’s a little scrapper,” he said.

Some neighbors came with objects to hit the pit bull; Sorrell threw a piece of metal at the dog. A neighbor called the police for assistance. When there was a crowd of people helping to save Ace, Sorrell said the pit bull released its grip and ran behind a neighbor’s garage.

Officer Brook McDonald responded to the scene and located the dog. He noticed the dog to be injured and bleeding, and had no identification, according to her report.

“Due to the animal’s dangerous behavior and injuries, I placed one shot behind the dog’s head,” he wrote in her report.

He recieved permission from his supervisor, Lt. John Magill, to shoot and kill the dog.

Maj. Rodney Muterspaw said the department’s policy is it only shoots and kills an animal that are stray or wild or has been injured.