Don’t miss out on best Super Bowl TV deals

If you are looking to score a new television set to watch this Sunday’s Super Bowl, now is a good time to find deals.

It's now the second best time of the year to take advantage of TVs sales. Black Friday ranks first, according to Consumer Reports: Best Super Bowl TV deals for 2019.

If you happen to purchase a smart TV for the Super Bowl, or a device like Amazon Fire or Roku, be sure to download our WHIO-TV streaming app.

At the Beavercreek Target, Anthony Ferguson shared his dream TV to watch the Super Bowl.

“I wish I had a bigger one actually. I want the 75-inch,” he said.

All TVs there are on sale.

“We have 10 percent off all the TVs, all the top brands, LG, Samsung, Vizio, you name it, all the smart TVs,” said Target team leader Raheem Muhammad-Terrell.

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But what makes a smart TV, well, so smart? One thing is you don’t have to add your Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. All of your Netflix and Hulu, what have you, goes through the TV itself.

One of the best Target TV deals, according to Consumer Reports, is a 55-inch Hisense 4K Roku for $300.

At Best Buy, supervisor Jordan Lane gave a tour of the TVs.

“A lot of our TVs are below or at our Black Friday price,” he said.

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An 82-inch Samsung Q6 is $800 off, and an 85-inch Sony 4K HDR is $600 off. Consumer Reports say the 55-inch Vizio 4K for $640 is one of Best Buy’s best deals right now.

Shelby Warnock’s dream TV?

“It doesn’t need to be really big: 50 inches, 55, and you know 4K, the best picture. And if it can just connect to the internet, that would be good enough for me,” said Warnock of Miamisburg.

Amazon and Walmart also have some deep TV discounts.

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