New Pyramid Hill exhibit features 9 sculptures in Hamilton

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum is presenting its latest exhibition in partnership with the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance. The exhibition features nine sculptures in the outdoor sculpture park.

“We had more than 60 sculptures submitted from Mid-South Sculpture Alliance members, and the art committee faced a difficult task, curating that list down to the nine that are on display at the park. My favorite part of this project was engaging sculptors from all over the country and bringing them to the Hamilton/Cincinnati area,” said Sean FitzGibbons, executive director at Pyramid Hill.

The exhibition is exclusive to Pyramid Hill. Selected by a jury, the sculptures feature a mix of abstract and representational work from artists around the country.

“You see these sculptures in a photo, on your computer, or on a print-out, and you have a general idea of how big they are, but it’s not until they are on-site that you realize their magnitude. It was surprising to see the scale and how big these works really are when you’re standing up next to them. It was fun and exciting to see these sculptures come in. It went from a picture and a print-out to in-real life, being installed right in front of you. If you go through, you’ll have a chance to see that firsthand,” FitzGibbons said.

In the fall of 2021, MSA will gather at Pyramid Hill for a day as part of their annual conference. During that time, exhibiting artists will participate in an Artist Walk and each artist will discuss their work, including the conception and making of the exhibited work, while touring the grounds of Pyramid Hill. While the conference will only be open to MSA members, the Artist Walk will be open to the public. There will also be a reception at the park with many of the participating sculptors.

“We have artists from Mississippi, Illinois, Georgia and Missouri, so it’s a really cool group of sculptors from all over the country,” FitzGibbons said, “This show as it stands now can only be seen at Pyramid Hill.”

Each of the artists who were selected delivered their sculptures to Pyramid Hill and they helped to install their sculptures at the park the last week of May and the first week of June.

“Finding new sculptors and new work that I didn’t know about has been my favorite part, having them come to the park, and working with them, and discovering new artwork and artists has been fantastic. We’ve also had an opportunity to bring them to Pyramid Hill and to Hamilton,” FitzGibbons said.

How to go

What: Pyramid Hill and Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Exhibition

Where: Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum, 1763 Hamilton-Cleves Road, (Ohio 128), Hamilton.

When: The outdoor sculpture exhibition will be on display through November 2021.

Cost: General admission to the park for non-members is $8 for adults, $3 for children ages 5 to 12, and free for park members. The park is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., daily.

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