Middletown High students allowed to return to school after threat

Last day of classes canceled due to threat; students can pick up items today.

Middletown High School students are being allowed back into the school building today to pick up items after classes were canceled Wednesday due to a "specific" threat, school officials said.

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Wednesday was supposed to be the last day of classes at the high school for the school year. Students are allowed to pick up items until 2 p.m. today, according to Elizabeth Beadle, district spokeswoman.

On Tuesday, a student found a message in the girl’s bathroom warning of a possible school shooting, according to Beadle.

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Beadle wouldn’t discuss the contents of the note, but said it was “specific enough” to cancel classes on Wednesday.

“Why take a chance,” she said.

She encouraged anyone who knows about the school threat to call Middletown police at 513-425-7700.

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