Miami University students react to testing of 2 possible coronavirus cases

Students are wearing masks throughout the Miami University Oxford campus today after reports that officials are testing two possible cases of coronavirus.

Officials said that a student who recently returned from China, the source of the outbreak, visited a student health center on Monday with “very mild symptoms” that were consistent with the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will perform tests for the student and their traveling partner.

The two are isolated in an off-campus residence while testing is done. Officials said they do not need to be hospitalized and they are not “quarantined,” but staying in their residence.

Officials stressed Tuesday the situation is low risk.

Students on campus said Tuesday they were concerned by the reports.

Justin Maschmeyer, a senior from Chicago, said the situation is “absolutely terrifying,” and he went out to buy a mask once he heard the reports.

He said the situation is “scaring the town right now.”

Matt Reinberg, a senior from Illinois, was also wearing a mask on campus. He said it’s a “wait and see time” while the tests are being performed. He said he wanted to do “what was best” by wearing a mask.

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