Expert offers advice about pet adoptions around holidays

People return Christmas presents every year. But when there’s a puppy under the Christmas tree instead of clothes or toys, returns can get complicated.

News Center 7’s Ronnell Hunt spoke to staff at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center Shelter about how people should handle adopting or buying an animal around the holidays.

Steve Glardon, an employee of the shelter, said that people often buy pets on an impulse that may not fit their family.

“It’s something that people need to remember,” he said. “This is a living, breathing animal. It has life, emotions and everything else and it’s not a toy you can just end up throwing away when you are done with it.”

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center currently has 147 animals in the facility.

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For some, the burden of caring for a pet may be too great, causing them to take the pet to a shelter. Glardon recommends seeking out other resources before surrendering the pet.

“There actually is food pantries just for dog food around the Montgomery County area and we can put them in touch with those folks,” Glardon said.

Animal experts suggest a few tips for people to follow before they surrender a pet.

Families should ensure they are getting the right dog for their family. If they do feel the need to surrender a pet, they should determine why. The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has information on how to continue caring for a pet before surrendering it. Anyone interested should reach out to them at (937) 898-4457.

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