Living through coronavirus: Hamilton neighborhood gets creative for walking Easter egg hunt

Since there will be no Easter egg hunts this year because of the coronavirus, one Butler County neighborhood is bringing the eggs to the children.

The Dayton Lane Historic Area Inc. is holding a Walking Egg Hunt through Easter, said Heather Hodges, organizer of the event. Hodges said she got the idea after reading about a similar event in her home state of New York.

She sent out a notice on Facebook about the walk throughout the neighborhood and residents “jumped all over it,” she said.

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“They’re really excited about it,” she said. “People are bored and the little things make people happy.”

There are 30 drawings of eggs in the windows of 20 residents on Dayton Lane, North Seventh Street, North 10th Street, and Campbell Avenue, she said. All the eggs are visible from the sidewalk.

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People are encouraged to walk throughout the neighborhood and see how many of the eggs they can find. The Walking Egg Hunt is “just a fun way” to get outside and exercise, she said. She has been contacted by other Hamilton neighborhoods about her idea.

“This is a way to share with other neighborhoods,” she said. “This builds more of the community of Hamilton.”

The eggs are all different and some are drawn on old campaign signs.

“Another way to recycle,” she said with a laugh.

The Hodges family hasn’t left their home for 27 days because of coronavirus concerns, she said. Her husband, Josh, is a Hamilton attorney, and they have two children, Isaac, 13, and Lila, 2. Lila was born with a genetic disorder that makes her immune system compromised. Even a common cold could be “dangerous,” her mother said.

So the family has been in isolation for nearly four weeks. No one leaves the house, no one enters. Their groceries are delivered on the porch.

Hodges said she’s looking forward to looking out her windows as children of all ages hunt for the eggs.

Dayton Lane Historic Area Inc. will hold the 2020 Walking Egg Hunt of Dayton Lane through Easter.

Here are the addresses:

Dayton Street: 643, 644, 712, 723, 724, 730, 806, 807, 816, 819, 843, 901, 917 and 937.

North 7th Street: 102, 228 and 316.

Campbell Avenue: 942 and 947.

North 10th Street: 125.


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