Kings Island celebrates 1 millionth rider of Mystic Timbers roller coaster

John Voigt, of Cincinnati, scored the one millionth ride on the Mystic Timbers roller coaster Tuesday at Kings Island.

The coaster opened April 15.

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Voigt was awarded a souvenir piece of wood from the ride, tote bag, front-of-the-line passes, tickets to Halloween Haunt and a large sign proclaiming him as one millionth rider of Mystic Timbers.

The wooden coaster, themed to an abandoned lumber company, traverses 16 airtime hills through wooded terrain and over water along a 3,265-foot-long track at speeds up to 53 mph. There’s also a mystery for riders: What's in the shed?

Kings Island is open daily through Aug. 20.

The 364-acre amusement and water park will be open weekends Aug. 25-27 and during Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-4, to complete its summer season.

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