Journal-News ePaper: How to use the digital version of your daily newspaper

As our community grapples with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, we want to ensure that the vital information we’re publishing is getting to all those who need it.

So, we are making the daily ePaper digital edition of the Dayton Daily News open to everyone. You can view it at

What is the ePaper?

The ePaper allows you to read the printed newspaper, with the same designed pages and layout and even some extra features, from any device.

How do I use it?

When you click the link above, you’ll be taken to the front page of the Journal-News. From there, there are many ways to explore and enjoy the newspaper.

Click on a story to read it in full: The text will show in a pop-up window, with no need to turn the page to finish the story.

Flip through pages: On a desktop browser, click on the arrow icons to the right and left of the pages. On a mobile device, swipe either way.

Jump to specific sections: Click the bulleted list icon to see a menu of sections. On a desktop browser, it's in the top right. On a mobile device, it's in the top left.

•  View previous issues: Click on the icon that is three horizontal lines and click "Back Issues."

Even more: There are more options for zooming, downloading, bookmarking and experiencing other features to enjoy reading your daily newspaper.