Heroin addiction: Two Butler County women share their stories

"That drug is like the devil. You will sell your soul for that drug. It's worse than anything I've ever done." — Michelle Hobson, 30

"I couldn't shake it. I got to the point where I wanted to die. And I didn't care. When I put that drug in my arm, I didn't care." — Crystal Howard, 37

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Those are the words of two Butler County women who recently shared their battle of heroin addiction with the Journal-News.

The women are in different places on their journey: Hobson has a few months remaining on her latest booking in the Butler County Jail, this time for drug trafficking after violating the terms of her probation; and Howard is close to marking her third year of sobriety.

Coming in Sunday’s Journal-News you can read more about each woman’s journey. For now, watch the video above to hear from these women about their struggle with addiction in their own words.

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