Hamilton, parks workers create physical-distance outdoor spaces

Employees of the city of Hamilton and the Hamilton Parks Conservancy worked together in the past week to create some new areas downtown and along Main Street where people can sit outdoors, with signs recommending how to do so safely.

With more people starting to use outdoor areas, the city decided to make it easier for them to sit and rest, and eat some takeout food purchased nearby, but with suggestions on how they can do so in as safe a possible way.

The signs have a quote from Hamilton Health Commissioner Kay Farrar about how important it is to continue physical distancing for public safety and to be able to continue reopening the economy.

The areas include picnic tables, trash cans, hand-sanitizer stations and the signs spelling out suggestions for maintaining physical distancing to help prevent spread of the coronavirus.

Among the recommendations are that no more than one family make use of the same table or bench at once; people should not push tables together and should maintain 6-foot physical separation; the request that people using the areas wear masks when not eating or drinking; and sanitize the tables before and after using them.

Here are the places with new seating:

  • Marcum Park
  • Journal Square
  • Rotary Park
  • a small plaza along Main Street between Petals & Wicks and Fleurish Home
  • the parking area on the northeast side of the intersection of Main and D streets, one building away from the intersection

“We just brought stuff like our picnic tables and garbage cans, and stuff like that,” said Hamilton Parks Conservancy Director Steve Timmer.

“Everybody seemed to do real well at it, too,” Timmer said. “I was downtown Saturday. There was a lot of people downtown, but they seemed to stay their distance, from what I could see.”

Here is the quote from Farrar that is on the signs that have been placed in the areas:

“Be mindful of what we have done to get this far. Social distancing has allowed us to start opening up, but we must stay the course and remain diligent in our efforts to protect ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. These guidelines will help us make small steps to return life to normal.”

Employees of the city’s Public Works and Economic Development departments also helped with the items that were placed in the seating areas.

Physical-Spacing Guidance

Here are Hamilton’s recommendations for “enjoying our outdoor spaces” posted on signs in the new seating areas:

  • Only 1 household per table or bench
  • Do not move tables together and please stay at least 6 feet apart
  • Please wear masks when not eating or drinking
  • Bring something to sanitize your table before sitting down and after you're finished
  • Please be mindful of others and respectful of their space
  • Leave no trace. Please pick up your trash

Source: City of Hamilton

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