Fitton Center adjusts to offer day camps this summer in Hamilton

Kids aged 5 to 18 will learn new art techniques and explore media at the Fitton Center’s summer day camps, which will be hosted through July 31.

“We’re excited to be able to offer the summer day camps. The Fitton Center team has worked together to create a plan for cleaning, managing virtual enrollments, greeting the students daily, as well as how to go about making the summer a special and memorable time for the students,” said Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, executive director, at the Fitton Center.

With each camp, the class size will be smaller, sanitation will be increased, and social distancing will be in place. The building will remain closed to the public, allowing only staff and students who will have health and wellness checks prior to entering the facility.

“We are limited to a maximum of nine kids in one room with one teacher, and the teacher will be wearing a mask at all times, as required by state stipulations, but the quality of the instruction, and the quality of the engagement is exactly the same as you’ve seen with our Fitton Summer Camps over the past few years. We’re run incredibly successful Summer Camp programs that have developed and grown over the last couple of years, and they’ve been extremely popular,” said Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, executive director, at the Fitton Center.

There is an instructional video on the Fitton Center website and Facebook page called “Camp 2020 Procedures and Protocols,” which lets parents and their campers know about the new policies and procedures, such as checking in and handwashing. There will also be signage posted throughout the Fitton Center, noting the camp policies and procedures.

Kate Rowekamp, director of education and digital content producer at the Fitton Center said a variety of summer day camps will be offered, including Little Artist Camps (ages 5-9), Youth Camps (ages 7-12) and Teen Camps (ages 12-18.)

“Our camps are really great, because they offer a creative outlet that kids may not get with school being out during the summer…In fact, last summer was one of our most successful camp seasons,” Rowekamp said.

One camp is a spy/detective-themed camp, while another camp has an Alice in Wonderland theme. Other camps explore specific art forms, such as one that focuses on clay or another one that is devoted to printmaking.

“We have a lot of different things, so we can try to appeal to as many kids as possible,” said Rowekamp.

The week-long camps will run Monday through Friday. A few of the popular camps include Top-Secret Camp for ages 5-9 on July 13-17 and Under the Big Top Camp for ages 7-12, which runs from July 6-10.

“We’re doing things like making three-dimensional pizzas and Sherlock Holmes hats, and a lot of fun things for the sake of making and exploring art. So, it’s great that kids can explore and create during our summer camps,” Rowekamp said.

Families will receive an updated list of rules and regulations when they sign their children up, so everyone will be prepared in advance of arriving for the first day of summer camp. Additional details are available at

The registration deadline for each camp is the Friday before the camp is scheduled to begin. Scholarships are available. Member and non-member pricing will be offered for the camps. For a complete schedule of summer day camps at the Fitton Center, or for more information about each camp, go to ; or email

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