‘I think you know you are not going home’: Richardson’s second interrogation shown in Carlisle buried baby trial

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Jurors in the Carlisle buried baby trial of Brooke Skylar Richardson are viewing her second interrogation with police to begin the trial’s second week.

Statements made during this interrogation led to Richardson’s arrest, and the defense has said police pressured Richardson into making false statements.

The interrogation happened six days after Richardson’s first interview with police.

Near the beginning, Richardson asks, "I'll get to go home at the end?"

"I think so ... that's the plan," says former Warren County Sheriff’s Lt. John Faine.

Richardson appears scared as she talks to investigators.

"We know there was more that happened,” Faine says.

Warren County Sheriff's Detective Brandi Carter takes Richardson’s hand during the questioning. Richardson says the baby might have hit her head when she was delivered into a toilet in Richardson’s home.

"I didn't think she was breathing and I squeezed her too tight ... I loved her,” Richardson says.

She also denies burning the baby after investigators say, “Tell me about the fire.”

"I didn't burn her," Richardson says. "No, no, no."


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Investigators continue to ask her about fire and burning the baby. They say specialists told them the bones were charred.

Richardson says she had a lighter and may have used it when she put the baby in the hole she dug. Carter asks how high the flames, and Richardson says, “maybe," when Carter suggests it was chest high. Richardson says she put the fire out with dirt.

"I don't think you tried to kill her, but I think there were signs she was alive ... please tell us for Annabelle," Faine says to Richardson, referencing the name Richardson said she gave to her baby.



Questions then turn to whether the baby was alive when she was born.

"She made a little noise," Richardson says, adding she heard a gurgle.

"I didn't look at first," Richardson says. "I saw her arms (moving) a little bit."

After more questioning, with Richardson crying, Carter says to her, "I think you know you are not going home"

Richardson’s parents, Kim and Scott, are allowed into the room to see her, just as they were in the first interrogation.

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