WATCH all videos from Brooke Skylar Richardson trial | Highlights, testimony, interrogations

The jury is now deliberating in the murder trial of Brooke Skylar Richardson following eight days of arguments, witness testimony, and evidence.

Below are a number of videos from the trial, between video from inside the courtroom, to extended interrogation footage shown to the jury.

Richardson's initial interview with police

During the third day of the trial, portions of an eight-hour video from Richardson's initial interrogation were shown to the jury. 

Richardson repeats the phrases “am I going to be arrested?” and “am I in trouble?” throughout the footage, and gives her version of events from after she gave birth.

Richardson parents react after Brooke’s initial interview

Following the interview shown in the video above, Richardson’s parents entered the room, and their reaction to the events that had unfolded were caught on camera.

Second Interrogation

In a second, more interrogative interview with police, Richardson made statements that eventually led to her arrest. The defense argues she was coerced into making these confessions.

Opening Statements

The prosecution and defense introduced their arguments to the jury during the first day of the trial, painting conflicting pictures of Richardson as either a murderer or scared girl.

Forensic Testimony

A large component of this trial has been the forensics, and a lab technician and forensic pathologist delivered testimony on blood and bone evidence, respectively.

Medical Testimony

A physician specializing in maternal-fetal medicine testified for the prosecution on the likelihood that Richardson’s baby was stillborn.

Later in the trial, an OBGYN for the defense testified that in his opinion, she did in fact deliver a stillborn baby.

Testimony from law enforcement

Warren County Sgt. Smith and Lt. Faine were questioned about their investigation, including a bed that was allegedly moved to cover a blood stain.

Boyfriend’s testimony

Brandon Saylor, boyfriend to Richardson at the time of her baby’s death, was also questioned, though he asked that his face not be shown. During his testimony, a series of texts between him and Richardson were shown, where she describes feeling “so much better.” 

Family’s testimony

Brooke Richardson’s father Scott Richardson and brother both testified for the defense on her character. 

The issue of false confessions

A professor who has extensively studied false confessions testified for the defense, explaining that Richardson may have felt giving a false confession was her best way out in the moment.

Psychological testimony

Both Carlisle High School’s guidance counselor and a psychologist who evaluated Richardson testified for the defense on her state of mind.

Closing Arguments

On the eighth day of the trial, both the prosecution and the defense delivered their closing arguments, and the jury were sent to deliberate.

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