Today is Census Day; Townships lead response rate locally

Today is Census Day, and here is what the data so far shows.

Ohioans have a 39.3 percent response rate, exceeding the national average of 36.2 percent, according to a U.S. Census Bureau online response rate map.

While some areas exceed the state and national averages, Liberty Twp. takes the lead with 48.8 percent, followed by Fairfield Twp. with 47 percent.

The city of Oxford trails with a 31.8 percent response rate. However, this may be the result of the coronavirus and Miami University’s move to distance learning that may have led students to leave off-campus housing.

All households should have received invitations with detailed instructions on how respond online, over the phone or by mail.

Why does the 2020 Census matter?

The results will help determine how billions in federal funding flow into communities every year for the next decade in areas including highway construction, education and school lunches, or housing assistance for older adults.

Following are response rates as of March 30, the most recent available:

Liberty Twp.: 48.8 percent

Fairfield Twp.: 47 percent

West Chester Twp.: 46.6 percent

Oxford Twp.: 45.5 percent

Wayne Twp. (Butler): 43.2 percent

Ross Twp.: 43.1 percent

Hanover Twp.: 42.6 percent

Reily Twp.: 42.4 percent

Turtlecreek Twp.: 42.3 percent

Lebanon: 42.1 percent

Morgan Twp.: 42.1 percent

Fairfield: 41.8 percent

Carlisle: 41.5 percent

Monroe: 40.9 percent

New Miami: 39.8 percent

Trenton: 39.7 percent

Lemon Twp.: 38.6 percent

Franklin Twp.: 37.7 percent

Madison Twp.: 37.3 percent

Hamilton: 36.1 percent

Middletown: 35.6 percent

St. Clair Twp.: 34.9 percent

Franklin: 33.9 percent

Oxford: 31.8 percent

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