Butler County man accused of threatening to kill dog after fight


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A man accused of allowing his dog to run at large several days earlier told police on June 30 that the owner another dog involved in a fight threatened him and his dog with a knife, according to a police report.

Police were called to the 5000 block of College Corner Pike on June 30 when the victim in this case reported the suspect had pulled a knife on him and threatened to kill his dog.

The suspect’s dog had been taken to the vet to be stitched to close up a wound from that June 27 incident.

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One officer spoke to the victim and another spoke to the suspect in the June 30 call.

The suspect denied having a knife and threatening the victim, although admitting he had threatened to kill the dog. He was searched for weapons and none were found.

The victim said the suspect’s daughter showed up before police arrived and left the scene with the knife. He completed a witness statement, saying the suspect had pulled out a knife and threatened him and the dog.

The suspect was issued a summons for aggravated menacing.

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