PHOTOS: Sky-high view of new Middletown High School

From up above, the full, sweeping scope of Middletown City Schools’ historic $96 million construction project comes through.

The Butler County school system is building a new middle school attached to a renovated and expanded high school.

The work, which is partially completed, is scheduled to be done by summer of 2018 though some new parts of Middletown High School — classrooms and learning labs — will be available for students during the coming 2017-2018 school year.

“The project has the maximum number of workers on site right now with approximately 200 construction workers each day. Over the next eight weeks the front of the building will get a very finished look as we ready the building for students this fall,” said Middletown Schools Business Manager George Long.

“Construction at Middletown High School continues on schedule and on budget. Site work this summer will bring parent drop off and pick up back to the Breiel Ave. entrance and staff parking will be accommodated in front of the building. Student parking and bus pick up and drop off will be in the same areas as this last year but there will be more student parking available for the 2017-2018 school year,” said Long.

Middletown Schools are making many changes, including the hiring last month of a new superintendent Marlon Styles Jr.

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