Middletown Schools make changes to meals, learning during shutdown

Middletown Schools is offering free student meals to students via pick up at the district’s 10 school buildings or at various bus stop locations around the Butler County city.

The student food program in response to the district’s closing - ordered earlier this week by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine - due to the spreading Coronavirus infection started Monday, said officials with the city schools.

The 6,300-student Middletown Schools, which has 100 percent of its enrollment eligible for free and reduced cost school meals, is also using remote learning while the schools are closed.

According to an announcement on Middletown Schools’ website - www.middletowncityschools.com - “students can pick-up food at any bus stop or school.”

“The serving time is 10 to 11 a.m. Monday-Friday (March 16 - April 3). In addition to the bus stops listed below, food will be available at every school building, except Midd State,” said Middletown Schools Spokeswoman Elizabeth Beadle.

“We will hand out the bagged food (breakfast and lunch) at the front doors of each school building during this time,” said Beadle.

According to the district’s student food plan, the following bus stops and their nearby school buildings are listed here:


1. Intersection of Springrove and Bonita

2. Midtonia Apts. Off of Sutphin

3. Kensington @ Barbara


1. Freedom Court

2. Ocala @ Audubon

3. Holly @ Primrose


1. Wanetta @ Navaho

2. Ruby @ Diamond Loop

3. Meadow @ Pearl

4. Crawford @ Queen


1. Fairfield @ Baltimore

2. Girard @ Vanderveer

3. Ethel Ct. @ Main Street


1. Crescent @ Malvern

2. Aberdeen @ Fleeming

3. Carmody @ Wilberham


1. Jewell @ Lowell

2. Spencer @ Riverview

3. Wicklow @ Marshall

4. Bavarian Apts off Central

Meals will also be handed out at the following school buildings: Central School; Highview School; Middletown High School and Middletown Middletown Middle School.

Beadle said “together, we are facing an unprecedented health crisis in our community. Per the recommendation of Gov. DeWine, Superintendent Marlon Styles, Jr., and the Middletown School Board closed all Middletown City Schools and the district office effective Monday, March 16 through April 3.”

“All district activities including school day instruction, home instruction, preschool, athletics/sports, enrichment, latchkey, etc. are canceled until further notice. This necessary action is an effective public health strategy to disrupt widespread infection,” she said.

School assignments during the close down can be completed by students with paper/pencil or digitally. All teachers are available through district email to answer student and parent questions.

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