Gun threat locks down Hamilton school

A threat of a student with a gun at school forced the lockdown of Hamilton’s Garfield Middle School for a short time today.

Hamilton Schools officials said some students at the school informed the on-site police officer “there was the possibility that a student had a gun at school.”

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At 11:22 a.m. “officials immediately placed the school in lockdown and proceeded to investigate the situation thoroughly with the support of the Hamilton Police Department,” according to Joni Copas, spokeswoman for Hamilton Schools.

“After questioning a number of students, and searching a number of areas in and around the building, police and school officials ascertained there was no viable threat present and the school lockdown was released at approximately 12:15 pm,” said Copas.

She said no student or staff member was in danger at any point.

The school is now back on a regular schedule, and Copas said a letter informing parents of the day’s events will be sent home with the students.

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