Local businesswoman creates ‘GROWmunity’ to foster like-minded entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneur Maygan Ward founded “The GROWmunity” to foster other entrepreneurs in the area.

Ward founded ‘The GROWmunity, a growth-inspired community for entrepreneurs in Greater Cincinnati. She has plans to expand in Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland, and that extension will include events for couples and men.

“Currently, I’m working with local venues to get some summer dates for Cincinnati. I also have an event planned for 3-6 p.m. June 17 in Troy. What people can do now is follow ‘The GROWmunity on Facebook and Instagram. In early May, I will have more announcements on events that are coming up in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus,” Ward said.

Ward hosted her first local event for ladies in Fairfield Twp. in February and the event sold out. Her second event in April also sold out. More than 25 women attended each gathering, which consisted of a networking event where women shared stories, and walked away with resources that would help them in their businesses.

“It was the most fulfilling, inspiring day for everyone. We shared stories and talked about why we chose to run our own businesses, we all connected and learned about local resources, and we truly came together as empowered, successful women in business. It was amazing,” Ward said.

She hosted the first event through her beekeeping and gardening company, Maygical Garden, but the demand was so great, it encouraged her to start another brand, and “The GROWmunity” was founded.

Ward has a background in industrial safety for food manufacturing. She left her full time job in the fall of 2021 to pursue entrepreneurship.  Additionally, as a beekeeper, she’s done beekeeping education.

Another area of expertise she’s mastered is in urban gardening, and she’s helped others create gardens in their own homes.

As a result of her own experiences, Ward has founded three entrepreneurial businesses — “MySafety LLC,” “Maygical Garden” and “The GROWmunity.”

“Maygical Garden” was founded in March 2022. “Maygical Garden” is “my beekeeping and urban gardening services, store and more.” Ward is now going into her second year of full-time entrepreneurship.

“I realized it was so important for entrepreneurs to have resources, because entrepreneurs are expected to wear so many different hats, and fulfill some huge shoes, but realistically, one person can’t do that all by themselves, and as I started to connect with the Greater Cincinnati community, it inspired me to help pass on that feeling to others,” Ward said.

She said in January 2023, she came up with the idea for “The GROWmunity.”

“I did a ladies-only entrepreneurial event in February. It was 25 women, who got to inspire each other. They were so inspired, and everyone left with something different, whether it was a collaboration, or some motivation just to keep going, and so many people got their questions answered,” she said.

Some of the common questions the entrepreneurs had included “How do I brand?” or “How do I make a website?”

“I got to watch that happen and I wanted it to become a legitimate brand,” Ward said. “I think there’s been such an overwhelming response, because when you have an idea and you want to become self-employed, or an entrepreneur, you sometimes don’t know where to go. You have this amazing, big idea. You have a dream, but you don’t know the ‘how’s.’ You know what you want, but you don’t know how you are going to get it,” Ward said.

“You might be amazing at being an artist, or at public speaking, but you might not be good at creating a website, or making your own logo, and that’s where it comes down to when you have resources surrounding you, and you are connected with dozens of people in the community, it’s a phone call away,” she said.

Attendees left motivated and inspired by “The GROWmunity” events and they felt connected with other entrepreneurs in the local community.

“It’s the empowerment and feeling like you’re part of something, because entrepreneurship can be lonely. I think that’s why there’s been such an overwhelming response, because people realize they are not the only ones. I always say, ‘We’re stronger together.’ Just like with plants, we’ve got to grow strong roots, and that’s very important in a community,” Ward said.

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