Local author’s book answer questions from children about Heaven

Lindsey Hilty was inspired to write her first book, “Do You Have To Take Showers in Heaven? And Other Kid Questions About Our Forever Home With God” after hearing some of the real questions from students in her Sunday school class.

“There are resources out there about Heaven, but I wanted to write something that was relatable and engaging enough that kids would want to pick up the book and read it. So, my Sunday school kids had a lot of questions about Heaven, and they needed more than a quick answer,” Hilty said.

One day, I asked them, “Tell me everything you’ve ever wondered about Heaven,” and she received countless questions from the students.

“Will there be roller coasters in Heaven?” or “Do you have to take a shower in Heaven?” were among the questions she heard.

“A lot of these kids have been in Sunday school their entire lives, but the Bible is a really big book and even though it’s the best resource we have, it can be hard for them, and even sometimes for adults, to know where to find specific answers,” Hilty said.

“How do you get to heaven? Will we play video games with the disciples? What does God look like?” are among the 52 questions the book explores. As kids read the book, and reflect on what they read, they will be encouraged to read the Bible and write or draw in the spaces provided in the book. The book also includes fun quizzes and opinion questions.

“By reading the book, my hope is that children will be able to work through their fears, sadness, confusion, and curiosity and find joy in the hope of Jesus. When they picture their future home, I want them to be excited about a place God promises, which will be better than anything we could possibly imagine,” Hilty said.

Some of the same elementary and middle school kids in Hilty’s class contributed artwork to the book. Seventh-grader Eagan Ellis came up with original artwork for the front cover. Hilty’s daughter, Abby, age 10, also contributed several drawings to the book.

“My son Benjamin, 13, has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. He’d say, ‘Mom, you should write a book.’ So, throughout the whole process, he’s been excited about it…I also had my daughter read it as we went along,” she said.

Hilty, a Cincinnati-area native and Liberty Twp. resident, has served in children’s ministry for 20 years. She currently teaches Sunday School at The River Church and enjoys instructing second to fifth grade students. Hilty previously worked as a newspaper reporter for six years prior to taking on the roles of stay-at-home mom, home educator and freelance writer.

“This book helps kids and adults find answers that exist in the pages of Scripture. Whether kids are processing grief, are nervous about people dying, or are just curious about what they can expect, it is important for them to understand that death is not the end of the story. The Bible has a lot to say about our forever life with God,” Hilty said.


Visit www.kid-questions.com for more information. The book is geared toward children ages 9 to 12 and is available at Amazon.com, Walmart, Christianbook.com and Barnes & Noble, and other local retailers.

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